Tuesday, September 28, 2010

OOW Summary

Oracle Open World was a great event in so many ways.  Here we are a week after the event and things are continuing to come out of the woodwork.  Today it was in...rumored that Chuck Phillips is going to HP.  Let me get this straight...HP got rid of Hurd for integrity issues and now they are hiring the guy who's mistress put a billboard up in NYC to bring the issue to light?  Wow!  How things change and quickly.  There must be some master plan coming soon!  I think Larry wants to buy HP, so he and Hurd worked out a plan to get him out of HP (i.e. get fired), and get his spy (Chuck) in...what do you think?  So far his master plan is working!  Look how Oracle drove the value of Sun down before they purchased them!  Time will tell all!!!

Of course I'm just kidding!  Oracle is one of the most strategic companies I've ever seen.  What they did to / with Red Hat several years ago (also announced at OOW) was brilliant!  This year they completely dissed Red Hat and moved to their new Linux - because Red Hat didn't move fast enough for them...and they need to be able to scale to thousands of cores - which are coming soon!

If there was anyone that could leverage Sun into something hugh, it's Oracle/Larry!  Their Exadata, Exalogic, and other hardware annoucements were impressive this year!  As Rich Niemiec said "Larry was like a kid in the candy store leveraging Sun."  They are going after Google on the Java front, which I frankly don't understand, but they clearly do!  Here's a good summary of some of the things I saw/heard at the conference:

  • Exadata (towting 1M I/O requests per second) is the real deal – I personally have no worked on one yet, but several people I talked to at the conference have - every single one of them had to mention that was awesome, amazing, fast, etc...  Rich did an "Exadata for Beginners" session and he said that about 60% of the audience said they were seriously considering buying it!  That's amazing!  A year ago when they asked the ACE Director community how many had used one I think 1 or 2 hands went up - this year it was more than 1/2 the room!  This is a SERIOUS box for SERIOUS processing!
  • Exalogic – Oracle modified Exadata into an App Server that can do 1M HTTP requests per second.  This was just annouced at the show, so I didn't meet anyone who had worked on one yet, but it sure looks very good!  They said that Facebook would need 2 of these...(only for redundancy).  In other words, this box can handle the 500M users of Facebook!  How's that for rationalization!  Imagine the savings this would give you!
  • Chip Level futures - Oracle said that today they are in the "10s" of cores...yet, what's coming in the not too distant future is 100s of cores.  Imagine that!  How about a laptop with 2 CPUs and 300 cores - imagine that!
  • Storage - Oracle has some VERY impressive network storage devices!
  • O/S - the new Oracle Linux O/S is built to scale - just like the Oracle DB!  Once again, they rocked the O/S world too!
  • Java – Oracle continues to innovate Java.  There was a LOT of very cool stuff at the conference.  The Java One conference was running at the same time or as part of OOW.  Since Oracle purchased Java, I have talked to many Java developers.  Some say they are not sure they can trust Oracle.  Oracle is very focused on the purity of Java, following standards, etc - ask Google!  I continue to be impressed with Oracle's doing with Java!  There are 9M Java developers out there, so I'm not alone!  Oracle is VERY committed to Java.  There are 3 billon handsets running Java!
    • Java FX - Oracle decided the world needs a graphics library for the Java community.  People were concerned about the path they took to get there.  The standard path historically  has been through JSRs.  Yet Oracle didn't go through this standard practice - they have just developed it on their own.  The library is VERY impressive!  Super fast, TONs of power, amazing!
    • AppXRay - Oracle wrote this to help you analyze an EAR (Enterprise Archive) file.
  • MySQL – there is another new version out that includes clustering.  Nothing has stopped in the MySQL community.  I've always been impressed with MySQL for "reads" and easy of use, install, etc.  It doesn't perform as well as Oracle - but...heck, it's free.  But...why not just use the free version of Oracle (Oracle Express Edition) if you want "free?"
  • Oracle Express Edition - for some time now the ACE Director community has been asking Mark Townsend (product manager for the Oracle DB) when the 11g version of Express was going to be available.  He was consistent in saying that they wouldn't even consider releasing it until 11gR2 was available.  Well...it's available now!  So the ACED community said "OK, Mark..." and he responded with - it's already in the works and should be out...when asked "when..." we got the standard answer.  The good news is that it's coming!  Another piece of good news is that they raised the DB size limit from 4GB to 10GB.  That makes for a nice free DB engine.  They aren't including ApEx with the installation - only because Oracle Express 10g stayed around for a LONG time and the ApEx version included with it became dated quickly.  So now you simply install ApEx off Oracle's site.
  • Oracle Application Express (ApEx) - once again, a new version has been released - 4.0.  This version is extremely impressive.  There are really cool new features!
  • Database - 11g is now on its terminal release - 11gR2.  About half the audience is on it now!  That's pretty impressive really!  We still have customers running version 6 of Oracle...
    • OTP - one time password - this is a new cool feature that Oracle added
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