Saturday, May 5, 2012

Update on InteliVideo

I'm making it easy for people to upload their content, create classes, and ultimately monetize their knowledge.

We all know that DVDs are going away. Everyone is watching movies on their iPads and iPhones now. You see kids watching movies at restaurants on iPhones. My company, InteliVideo has built a platform that helps those companies with libraries of DVDs move into the world of streaming and downloadable videos for any device. It's a marketplace and companies can do everything themselves - it's entirely self service. We collect the money, keep track of who bought what and how long they can watch it, and ultimately deliver the content using our cloud-based platform.

This is an example of an IFRAME that an owner can pull off my site.

Here are the main categories:

Here is a specific category:

And another - try rolling your mouse over these...:

And the final category:

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